The Adventures of

Nautical Adventure
Children's Book Series
for ages 3 to 8

We wanted our “Chuckle and Learn” books to be more than a silly comic style, so they are well written, beautifully illustrated and are...

Captains wheel


Each book follows a nautical theme, based on a sailing ship from the eighteen fifties. Teaching children to name the parts of a ship.

Seagull book


Although fictitious, many parts relating to birds, fish or mammals are factual. Each book includes a Captain’s quiz at the end of each story. 

Sailor Puss


There is a moral in each story based on honesty, kindness and basic good advice for children.



As well as the humor captured throughout, there is a mischievous seagull in each picture (children are invited to count how many).

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The Adventures of Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss
“Chuckle and Learn” Series


Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss Meet a Pirate

Book 1 Captain Stinky & Sailor Puss


Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss Rescue a Pirate

Book 2 Captain Stinky & Sailor Puss


Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss Meet the Magicals

Book 3 Captain Stinky & Sailor Puss


Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss Visit Turtalia

Book 4 Captain Stinky & Sailor Puss

Meet the wonderful nautical book characters that sail on the Mary Ann

Captain Stinky

Captain Stinky's ship was called the MARY ANN. Captain Stinky's real name was ALLOISSIOS WATERBOTTLE. He did not like his name because people teased him when he was young and called him SOGGY PANTS. But now everyone called him Stinky because he did not like washing and he smelled horrible!


He was always picking his nose. YUK! Picky was a good sailor but had quite a disgusting habit.

Sailor Puss

Trouble begins when Sailor Puss joins the crew. He has a bad habit of not telling the truth. But with the good influence of his new wife, Ginger Kitty, Sailor Puss revives himself and ends up bringing good luck to the ship in the end.


He was extremely short. Shorty was very good at steering the ship, but he needed to stand on a stool to see where to go.

Ginger Kitty

A beautiful lady cat is rescued from a pirate ship. Ginger Kitty is quick to win the heart of Sailor Puss, and as husband and wife they make a great team on the many Mary Ann adventures.


A new cook is hired on the Mary Ann to replace "Chalky" who only ever cooked sausages and mash. I wonder why he is called Berny. I hope that he doesn't burn the food!

What are our readers saying?

"This book has a good amount of reading & can stretch over several days if you are reading to a child. Each page has a seagull & the idea is to count them all as you go. There are lots of fun facts as you read & a quiz at the end of the book. The stories are amusing & the illustrations have lots of great detail to enjoy. This is very good value for the amount of reading & activity that's included. Can't wait for Book 2."

The Story Began...

Captain Stinky Logo

About five years ago, we went on a road trip around New Zealand with our 4 year old Grandson, Will. We hadn't taken bed time reading books so I made up a story each evening. 

Captain Stinky was born the first night and Sailor Puss the next night. Each night as I ran out of ideas, I ended with "Guess What?" That gave me a chance to think of the next part of the story! 

The story evolved over the next few weeks and at the end of the trip my wife, Kate, advised that I write it down as both she and Will had become fans of Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss. 

I had to consult with Will on some of the detail, as he remembered the story totally – as children do!

In order to make the story come alive it needed illustrating and my drawing talents are zero.

Fortunately, I was introduced to Erika Bentsen, an amazing illustrator, on a trip to Oregon USA. She was captivated by the story and in particular the various characters which she drew from my descriptions perfectly. 

We took advice and decided to self publish via Ingram Spark. 

This involved edits by Will and my Granddaughter Emma in America, re writes and nearly three years of work before the first book was published.

​​After some serious deliberation and in order to make our books different, we decided on a formula:

Meet the creatives behind
"The Adventures of
Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss"

Colin Fisher Author


Colin Fisher spent some time in the British Royal Navy, hence his interest in all things nautical.

He later became the MD in a specialist hospitality company.

After retirement, Colin emigrated to New Zealand. Colin has always enjoyed reading and telling stories to his grandchildren.

Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss were a favorite and so the adventures began.

When not writing, Colin is tending the family vineyard and making wine.

Colin Fisher Author


When Erika Bentsen was very young, drawing was the only way her mom could keep her quiet in church. She never stopped scribbling, but she never seriously pursued it, until a birthday card Erika drew for her twelve-year-old niece caught the eye of Colin Fisher's daughter, living in the States...

As a writer, Erika Bentsen's articles frequently appear in Guideposts, Angels on Earth, and Mysterious Ways magazines.

She is a contributing author for Daily Guideposts, now titled Walking In Grace, a series of devotional books.

Between magazine articles, illustration projects and cattle ranching, she is also writing a middle grade novel and is a member of SCBWI.

Because of time limitations of only twenty-four hours in a day, she had to give up dusting in order to pursue these interests.

This proves the adage that every artist and writer must sacrifice for their craft.

Erika Bentsen Illustrator
Erika Bentsen Illustrator
Colin Fisher Author


Jacky Friedman lives in beautiful, rural Oregon. Jacky has been tirelessly editing the Stinky books and Colin’s other writing endeavours for years. 

Along with Emma, Jacky reads and re-reads the stories to make sure that the grammar and punctuation are both correct. In addition to editing, Jacky works on advertising and sales.

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