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Colin Fisher Author


Colin Fisher spent some time in the British Royal Navy, hence his interest in all things nautical.

He later became the MD in a specialist hospitality company.

After retirement, Colin emigrated to New Zealand. Colin has always enjoyed reading and telling stories to his grandchildren.

Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss were a favorite and so the adventures began.

When not writing, Colin is tending the family vineyard and making wine.

Colin Fisher Author


When Erika Bentsen was very young, drawing was the only way her mom could keep her quiet in church. She never stopped scribbling, but she never seriously pursued it, until a birthday card Erika drew for her twelve-year-old niece caught the eye of Colin Fisher's daughter, living in the States...

As a writer, Erika Bentsen's articles frequently appear in Guideposts, Angels on Earth, and Mysterious Ways magazines.

She is a contributing author for Daily Guideposts, now titled Walking In Grace, a series of devotional books.

Between magazine articles, illustration projects and cattle ranching, she is also writing a middle grade novel and is a member of SCBWI.

Because of time limitations of only twenty-four hours in a day, she had to give up dusting in order to pursue these interests.

This proves the adage that every artist and writer must sacrifice for their craft.

Erika Bentsen Illustrator
Erika Bentsen Illustrator

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Children traditionally learn from stories and by observation. Our little books have this objective in mind, so we mix lots of facts with some amusing fiction. Although four stories have been written, all to be published this year, we are keen to hear from anyone with young children with ideas that they would like to see incorporated in "The Adventures of Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss" future tales. 

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