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About five years ago, we went on a road trip around New Zealand with our 4 year old Grandson, Will. We hadn't taken bed time reading books so I made up a story each evening. 

Captain Stinky was born the first night and Sailor Puss the next night. Each night as I ran out of ideas, I ended with "Guess What?" That gave me a chance to think of the next part of the story! 

The story evolved over the next few weeks and at the end of the trip my wife, Kate, advised that I write it down as both she and Will had become fans of Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss. 

I had to consult with Will on some of the detail, as he remembered the story totally – as children do!

In order to make the story come alive it needed illustrating and my drawing talents are zero.

Fortunately, I was introduced to Erika Bentsen, an amazing illustrator, on a trip to Oregon USA. She was captivated by the story and in particular the various characters which she drew from my descriptions perfectly. 

We took advice and decided to self publish via Ingram Spark. 

This involved edits by Will and my Granddaughter Emma in America, re writes and nearly three years of work before the first book was published.

​​After some serious deliberation
and in order to make our books different, we decided on a formula:

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