The Adventures of Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss: Captain Stinky & Sailor Puss Meet the Magicals



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By Colin John Fisher (Author), Erika Bentsen (Illustrator)

Captain Stinky and Sailor Puss are ready once more to sell their famous Rainbow Lollypops and have High Seas Adventures.

Sail along as MARY ANN's crew discover the magical Magicals and Islanders along beautiful Berrymaster Bay. Meet the lovely Lady Captain Jacky Jack and rescue sailors who have fallen prey to that nasty pirate Noogie Poo!

Third in the delightful series, children will learn valuable moral lessons about jumping to conclusions. Count the seagulls hidden throughout the story to boost number skills. Take the Captain's Quiz at the end of the story to see how many new sailing words learned along the way.

It's time once again to Chuckle and Learn!


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