Meet the wonderful nautical book characters that sail on the Mary Ann

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See if you can guess the characters: Captain Stinky, Sailor Puss, Chalky, Picky and Seagull (he needs a name!)...

Captain Stinky Book Characters
Captain Stinky

Captain Stinky's ship was called the MARY ANN. Captain Stinky's real name was ALLOISSIOS WATERBOTTLE. He did not like his name because people teased him when he was young and called him SOGGY PANTS. But now everyone called him Stinky because he did not like washing and he smelled horrible!


He was always picking his nose. YUK! Picky was a good sailor but had quite a disgusting habit.

Sailor Puss

Trouble begins when Sailor Puss joins the crew. He has a bad habit of not telling the truth. But with the good influence of his new wife, Ginger Kitty, Sailor Puss revives himself and ends up bringing good luck to the ship in the end.


He was extremely short. Shorty was very good at steering the ship, but he needed to stand on a stool to see where to go.

Ginger Kitty

A beautiful lady cat is rescued from a pirate ship. Ginger Kitty is quick to win the heart of Sailor Puss, and as husband and wife they make a great team on the many Mary Ann adventures.


A new cook is hired on the Mary Ann to replace "Chalky" who only ever cooked sausages and mash. I wonder why he is called Berny. I hope that he doesn't burn the food!

Five star ratings

Kids will Giggle at the Pictures! This is unlike any other children's book I have seen! A fun high seas adventure with comical characters and a good moral lesson about telling the truth. Make more please!



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